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Customer Service Policy Geared For Excellence

One unhappy customer will tell the world about inferior service while a happy customer rarely tells a soul. Your challenge as a business owner is to create a buzz so positive about your products and services that your clients and customers will become your raving fans and will tell the world about you! Your lesson for today is to put pen to paper and write a rock solid customer service policy for your business. This policy should state explicitly how you will treat your customers at each and every turn. By answering the following questions, you will have covered the basics of your customer service program. Are you ready?

1. Who is your customer, and what are you doing to get to know him or her on a personal level? Examples: Customer profile cards One employee assigned to following the wins and wows of your customers A bulletin board celebrating the events in the lives of your customers

2. What is your return policy, and how are customers treated when they return an item? Use the same courtesy you used when a customer purchased an item.

3. What is your policy for returning phone calls and eMails? Customers generally want a response within 24 hours, and this policy should be stated and posted.

4. How does everyone in your company answer the telephone? People want a cheerful voice on your end of the telephone. They also do not want a busy signal when they call.

5. What is your policy for dealing with customers during a wait? People love special treatment. Use this time to roll out the red carpet by offering a cup of coffee, a soda, or a glass of sparkling water.

6. What is your policy for training staff on how to serve your customers? Spend one hour, two times per month, educating your staff on how to treat your customers. This treatment could make or break your relationship with your customers.

7. What is your policy for dealing with vendors and their products? Your vendors are a part of your company, and the quality and care, which you request from them for your customers, should be exceptional. Remember.if your vendors are not providing you with outstanding customer service, your clients/customers will suffer.

8. If you offer a guarantee or warranty, are you honoring this? If your customer knows that your product or service is guaranteed but there are too many loopholes that make this null and void, you will lose trust with your buyers.

9. Who is your benchmark? Benchmarking is the continuous process of measuring products, services, and business practices of your company against the toughest and best competition in your industry. Your benchmark can be anyone and does not have to be restricted to your local region. What is the best company in your field doing that you are not doing or that you can do better?


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