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Are You Up For The Act! In Your CRM System

Modern business is a lot more demanding and a lot more competitive and so to be successful we look for an edge over the competition and customer relationship management is one of those edges. The question is are you up for the ACT! in your CRM system? ACT! is the product of Sage CRM Solutions who offer a full line of ACT! products as well as other business software tools. ACT! has earned a reputation as one of the best CRM software packages on the market. You can quickly and easily pull customer information, manage your tasks, prioritize your activities, and tack every element of your customer communication, requests, queries, orders, and a host of other information. ACT! isnít new to the market. Itís been around for 20 years. In fact it has been the leader in the customer relationship management industry for year providing a quality product thatís affordable and customizable for companies big and small. There are five different ACT! products which means that there is a CRM solution for every business big or small, if youíve got customers, they have the solution. Who does ACT! offer CRM solutions to?

1. The ability to track potential clients, customers, vendors, or business associates.

2. Sales consultants and associates who need to manage both prospects and clients.

3. Realtors that need to maintain relationships with both buyers and sellers, as well as referrals, property owners, and a variety of other agents.

4. Financial planners, bankers, and brokers who have to maintain contacts and client records relating to financial services offered and owned.

5. Advertising professionals who need to manage clients, writers, vendors, designers, and other prospects.

6. Recruiters who have to track job candidates and match job seekers with company clients.

7. Training professionals who need to manage attendees, promoters, equipment suppliers, facility managers, as well as instructors.

8. Manufacturers who need to keep track of interactions with clients and track transactions. Your business has deadlines that you canít afford to miss, clients that you need to tracked, and a host of other commitments. Weíve only touched on a few business types that can benefit from ACT! ACT! has it all including excellent forecasting and analytical tools as well as customizable reporting capability. Itís versatile enough so that no matter what your demands are or your companyís specific needs you can customize it to do just that. And because our world is so mobile ACT! lets you connect to portable devices such as cell phones, PDAís, and Blackberries. The sophisticated instant correlation of the ACT! database means you have instant access without any timely delays for encoding over and over. ACT! will meet your CRM needs from start to finish, no matter the size of your business.


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