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Debunk The CRM Myths

Although businesses of all sizes continue to recognize the value of customer relationship management and thus invest in CRM software solutions there are still a great deal of misinformation resulting in companies choosing not to invest in CRM. Itís time to debunk the CRM Myths.

1. CRM Is To Complicated To Use - Many staff feel this way so they make little effort to understand the software and how to use it. They donít recognize how it will benefit their performance and work load. If your staff doesnít understand how to use the CRM software they will become impatient when they donít see instant results. The CRM software is not complicated to use. Like anything new staff just needs training to make them comfortable and knowledgeable with the software.

2. CRM Needs Staff To Change How Things Are Done - Many employees donít understand that CRM will actually help them get to know their customers better and increase sales. Staff that have been around for some time tend more than ever to not want change and believe they work efficiently without it, so they donít understand why they have to change. Make them part of the decision and sell them on how it will reduce their work loads before you ever implement.

3. CRM Provides Confusing Information - The one-size-fits-all approach does not work with CRM software because it fails to take into account the various needs of different businesses. And although many packages donít offer CRM flexibility just as many do and you can solve the confusion problems by providing full training for your staff.

4. CRM Is Too Time Consuming - The most common mistake is that staff believe if they donít have enough time now they certainly wonít have enough time with new software because it will be too time consuming. If you train staff properly so that they are comfortable with the software they will quickly recognize it saves them time.

5. Using CRM Is Scary - When t comes to staff it is a common reflection that using CRM is scary. Itís only scary because adequate training has not been provided and thus they feel insecure and intimidated because they donít understand the software and are not comfortable with it.

6. CRM Invades Customer Privacy - Sales associates commonly keep valuable information close to their hearts. They donít do it because of privacy rules. They do it because they are very competitive and donít want to share information that might benefit another sales rep. Customer privacy is in-fact protected.

7. CRM Is Too Expensive - There are CRM software packages that will fit any budget so thereís simply no reason if thatís what you want that you cannot afford it. Contrary to what many believe CRM is not too expensive. Now that weíve debunked a few CRM myths are you feeling a little more confident about giving it a try? Customer Relationship Management software can reduce your workload and increase overall profits. Donít let a few myths scare you from making one of the smartest investments youíll ever make.


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