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The Psychology Of Customer Care

RRP $327.95

This book breaks new ground on customer care. Drawing on the author's international experience and research, it provides new insights into helping customers make the best use of their time when dealing with YOUR organisation. Guidance is given on 'time shaping' for optimum customer satisfaction. Critical time care factors for industries as diverse as banks, airlines, hotels, supermarkets, are defined together with many tips on how to steal a march on competitors by this revolutionary and practical approach to customer care.

Superstar Customer Service

RRP $25.99

Are you worried that your customers are trying to survive tough times by seeking better deals from your competitors?

Are you having an even tougher time finding new customers for your product or service?

Superstar Customer Service follows Superstar Leadership and Superstar Sales, three titles aimed straight at achieving the highest levels of performance in these three essential areas.

Customer service may be one of the most demanding and difficult jobs you'll ever have... but it has the potential to make you a Superstar!

Develop your skills, manage yourself, master your ability to address the relationship problems experienced by your company, and you can go anywhere you want to go! Job satisfaction, success, and personal accomplishment are all within your grasp!

This book is organized as a month-long journey of improvement and discovery. Each chapter is a daily lesson with a core concept, skill-development idea, and resources to support your practice and application of the lesson.

Superstar Customer Service will help you distinguish yourself as someone who can get things done. It may very well help you forge a new pathway in your career that is far beyond anything you previously imagined!

It's The Customer, Stupid! 34 Wake-up Calls To Help You Stay Client-focused

RRP $59.99

"Way too many talk about customer service and way coo few deliver it. Maybe that's because they don't know the tangible actions to take. That just changed. Buy this book and do what it says."-Larry Winget, television personality and author of five bestsellers, including Your Kids Are Your Own Fault

"In his simple, direct, and irreverent style, Michael Aun uses humor to tell it like it is: you had better care for your customers, stupid, or they'll find someone else who will!"-Barbara Glanz, speaker and author of CARE Packages for Your Customers

"Michael Aun is a highly successful businessperson and excellent communicator. Not only does he know what it takes to get and keep customers, he's able to communicate his wisdom in an engaging and entertaining way."-Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor

"This book will teach you how to turn customer relationships into perpetual assets. Michael Aun is so far in the lead on this, he's doing something else-he's unbeatable with customers."-Alan Weiss, PhD, author of Million Dollar Consulting Million Dollar Speaking, and Million Dollar Coaching

"Michael offers profound insights around a single, powerful theme: that profitable organizations understand their business is customer service no matter the product."-Howard Putnam, former CEO, Southwest Airlines, and author of The Winds of Turbulence

Unhappy customers won't just dump you. No, first they'll tell at least ten or more people about their bad experience with your company, and then they'll broadcast it online. But wait, you say you have a good customer service department? Really? What hoops do your customers have to jump through before you help them? What rules have you wrapped around your customer service department, so that your reps can't really help? How long do you keep your customers on hold?

In It's the Customer, Stupid!, top salesperson and motivational speaker Michael Aun shares his secrets to keeping your customers happy, your sales growing, and yourself sane. You'll discover the myths and truths about customer satisfaction-and why many businesses and organizations, despite their claims of being customer-centric, really haven't got a clue.

The good news is that you MM woo disgruntled customers back, keep them content, and even grow sales. But first, wake up and smell the coffee: It's the Customer Stupid!


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