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Banking, International Capital Flows And Growth In Europe

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Paul J.J. Welfens and Holger C. Wolf While the economies of Asia and, more recently, South as well as North America have enjoyed sustained high growth, the growth performance of western Europe and in particular continental Europe has been rather modest. Coupled with sizable improvements in labor productivity and - at best - steady capital productivity, growth proved insufficient to sustain employment levels, much less to replicate the US job creation success. Relative inflation performance has been much better: in the run-up to European Monetary Union inflation rates have dramatically converged towards the lower end of the distribution while risk premia on formerly high inflation economies have fallen. Yet, looking forward, the undoubted success in achieving price stability is mitigated by the lackluster growth -and in particular employment -performance. Indeed, the relative little attention paid to initiatives directed at raising economic growth is startling, not only in the light of the US policy record but also in light of the remarkable rebound of those European economies which have aggressively tackled the structural problems, most prominently the UK and Ireland.

Trade Liberalisation, Economic Growth And The Environment

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Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Development of the GATT/WTO and its Treatment of the Environment 3. Trade Liberalisation, the WTO and the Environment 4. Economic Growth and the Environment 5. Economic Growth and the Environment: An Empirical Analysis 6. The Environmental Impact of the Uruguay Round 7. Policy Implications 8. Conclusion References Index.

A Focused Issue On Understanding Growth

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This third volume of Research in Competence-Based Management (RCBM) continues the launch of a long-awaited outlet for peer-reviewed research papers contributing to advancement of competence-based management theory.

Each volume in RCBM will be focused on a key aspect of competence theory. The focus in this volume on "Understanding Growth: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Diversification" addresses key processes essential to successful organization competence building, leveraging, and maintenance. The first set of papers in this volume explores the importance of entrepreneurial motivation in changing markets, as well as strategies for internal versus external funding and organization of entrepreneurial ventures. A second set of papers addresses some key issues in innovation in small and large firms, as well as the competence building process during technological innovation. Papers on diversification and alliances investigate the role of competence leveraging as a driver of diversification, as well as decision-making in innovation that can lead to diversification, cultivating institutions for improving innovation performance, and improving alliance management capability.


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