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The Intelligence Of Louis Agassiz

RRP $256.99

Selected writings of the remarkable teacher, lecturer, and scientist, Louis Agassiz, whose enthusiasm for natural history is communicated with vitality and precision. The editor's introduction and notes at the beginning of each chapter provide a cogent analysis of the contributions of the scientist-writer.

Native Intelligence

RRP $32.99

In the immediate aftermath of September 11, suspicion of another attack was high. However, not all suspicions were unfounded. After a chance meeting with a customer at the car rental agency where she work, NITA DENSON, a beautiful woman of Choctaw Indian descent follows her intuition right into the heart of an anti-American plot. The evidence she uncovers causes her friend's death and NITA becomes the prime suspect: In the murder investigation headed by two dogged NYPD detectives. Desperate and frightened, NITA calls her childhood sweetheart, PHILIP 'DARKEYES' THAMES, who leaves the Choctaw reservation in Mississippi to come to New York to protect her from danger and help clear her name. The cell group leader, knowing his operation has been compromised, will stop at nothing to ensure its success, and NITA is just one more loose end he has to eliminate. For NITA and PHILIP, rekindled romance must wait as they stay one step ahead of the police and the assassin and race against a clack ticking toward the doom of an entire generation.

Change Leadership Intelligence (clq)

RRP $15.99

This research paper represents the first step in establishing a new idea: proposing a conceptual definition. There is much to learn about the idea of change leadership intelligence, and this research paper merely scratches the surface. Much has been written about change leadership, but drawing the link to intelligence is a new twist on a popular and important topic. There is work to prove CLQ's existence and answer the many what-ifs. Take a look at various leaders in your personal and professional life. Are these leaders change leaders? Do they exhibit CLQ? You be the judge. Read the paper. What do you think?


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