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Extending The Internet Of Things

RRP $347.99

This book examines the extension and integration aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) in providing global access to services and information from legacy technologies and RFID to IPv6 and the Future IoT. It embraces machine to machine communications in the Future IoT composed of IPv6 networks, RFID tags, and smart things. Decribing the impact of the IoT on security and privacy, it also considers new advanced architectures and models for the Internet.

Big Data And Internet Of Things

RRP $491.99

This book presents current progress on challenges related to Big Data management by focusing on the particular challenges associated with context-aware data-intensive applications and services. The book is a state-of-the-art reference discussing progress made, as well as prompting future directions on the theories, practices, standards and strategies that are related to the emerging computational technologies and their association with supporting the Internet of Things advanced functioning for organizational settings including both business and e-science. Apart from inter-operable and inter-cooperative aspects, the book deals with a notable opportunity namely, the current trend in which a collectively shared and generated content is emerged from Internet end-users. Specifically, the book presents advances on managing and exploiting the vast size of data generated from within the smart environment (i.e. smart cities) towards an integrated, collective intelligence approach. The book also presents methods and practices to improve large storage infrastructures in response to increasing demands of the data intensive applications. The book contains 19 self-contained chapters that were very carefully selected based on peer review by at least two expert and independent reviewers and is organized into the three sections reflecting the general themes of interest to the IoT and Big Data communities:

Section I: Foundations and Principles

Section II: Advanced Models and Architectures

Section III: Advanced Applications and Future Trends

The book is intended for researchers interested in joining interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary works in the areas of Smart Environments, Internet of Things and various computational technologies for the purpose of an integrated collective computational intelligence approach into the Big Data era.

An Internet Soulmate

RRP $18.99

Grimshaw Slade is a homeless and depressed werewolf with no hope in sight. Archie Ringwald is a fourteen-year-old, flip-flop wearing, gum-chewing juvenile delinquent. Archie is posing as a female werewolf just for yuks when he meets his 'soul mate' Grimshaw. When Archie's parents kick him out of the house, he finds himself living in a cave on the outskirts of town with his new nemesis Grimshaw. Grudgingly, the two realize that since neither of them have anywhere else to go, they'll have to make the best of it. Over time and through a tragedy that results in near-death of one, the two learn that friendship is the most valuable thing anyone can own.


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